• Welcome to Eduplex

    Welcome to Eduplex

    In Christo Omnia Possum
  • Eduplex School

    Eduplex School

    development of good listening skills
  • Individual Attention

    Individual Attention

    optimum number of 25 pupils per class
  • Music Academy

    Music Academy

    Music Dedicated To Excellence
  • Eduplex Pre-School

    Eduplex Pre-School

    learn through experience
  • Eduplex Catering

    Eduplex Catering

    qualified chefs ensure healthy meals
  • Eduplex Sport

    Eduplex Sport

    we are a team

Welcome to Eduplex

Eduplex is an inclusive and unique parallel medium (English and Afrikaans) mainstream school, which caters for both normal hearing and a small number of hearing impaired learners.

  • Our classes have a maximum of 25 learners
  • All our learners follow a holistic curriculum that keeps up with the latest educational practice, information and technology, allowing the development of both skills and creativity during the school day.
  • Learners with hearing loss are educated alongside those with normal hearing with a benchmark of one deaf pupil to every five normal hearing pupils.
  • We place tremendous emphasis on the importance of the development of good listening skills. It provides the opportunity for learners, not only to listen, but also to express ideas in an environment in which others will listen to them.
  • We understand the concept that all individuals do not learn in the same way and that each learner can reach his/her own unique potential.
  • Eduplex is a Christian school with a Biblical world view

Upcoming Events

2017 17 / 02
Eduplex School Valentine Day School Dance

Valentine Day School Dance

Eduplex School

Starts on: 17-02-2017
Ends on: 17-02-2017

This year we are hosting a Gr 6 and 7 Valentine’s Dance on Friday, the 17th of February from 18:00 – 21:00 in the primary school foyer. Only pupils from Eduplex may attend the event and an entrance fee of R20 per pupil is payable at the door on the evening. Eduplex teachers will be doing the chaperoning during the evening and the tuck shop will be open for refreshment.
All proceeds will go towards the Gr 7 fund for 2017. We look forward to this day of laughter, fun and friendship.

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