Children in a pre-school with quality learning opportunities from an early age enter formal schooling with better reading skills, an expanded vocabulary, and vital basic math skills than children who did not have the same exposure.

The early developmental years are the most critical period in a child’s school life. Starting pre-school from as early as two and a half years old facilitates children’s further schooling on many levels.

At Eduplex Pre-School, children’s cognitive skills are strengthened by engaging them in a wide range of practical activities that challenge them to observe, ask questions, test their ideas, and solve problems. It cultivates a love of learning with lifelong benefits.

The high-quality of Eduplex’s Pre-School programme is designed to prepare children for future academic, emotional, and social success.

At Eduplex Pre-School, children learn from positive experiences and play. Children are curious by nature, and we encourage them to have a healthy interest in the world around them. 

Play is essential for little ones, and with our world-class equipment and facilities, children learn life skills such as sharing, listening, and taking turns through play.

Eduplex Pre-School offers so much for your child:

Our sensory integrated programme has endless opportunities to discover while allowing them to be messy and creative.

We keep them fit and active with a movement program that stimulates physical growth and significant body and muscle development.

Our music programme stimulates the part of the brain responsible for reading, math, and emotional development.

Our therapeutic horse-riding activity, once a week by a qualified Equi-therapist, tremendously benefits children’s overall development. Three-dimensional movement on a horse stimulates the vestibular system and affects muscle tone, bilateral motor co-ordination, spatial orientation, and integration of the four hemispheres of the brain.

Driedimensionele beweging op ‘n perd stimuleer die vestibulêre stelsel en beïnvloed spiertonus, bilaterale motoriese koördinasie, ruimtelike oriëntasie en integrasie van die vier hemisfere van die brein.

Eduplex se wêreldklas-fasiliteite bied u kleuter geleenthede vir ’n wêreldklas-toekoms. Ons internasionale model vir inklusiewe onderrig word ‘n leer- en ontdekkingsreis sonder weerga vir u kleuter.

Our model:

  • Independent, Christian private school with a biblical worldview.

  • A choice of Afrikaans and English classes.

  • Creative, acoustically treated classrooms.

  • Excellent learning environment with interactive gardens.

  • Optimal use of world-class technology.

  • High staff-to-pupil ratio.

  • Mainstream school.

Come and experience Eduplex for yourselves. Here, every day is an open day!

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