What does Eduplex Pre-School offer?

Eduplex is a school that leaves visitors in awe, hosting children from grade 0000 to matric.

Our pre-school provides a nurturing, stimulating and fun learning environment for children aged 2 years 10 months (fully potty trained) up to 6 years.

Our focus is to create a language-rich environment and develop listening, language and social skills while having fun.

Other activities that form part of our daily programme include movement, music, and weekly therapeutic horse riding lessons, through a qualified Equi-therapist.

These activities are hugely beneficial for our children’s overall development.

Our award winning interactive gardens are an extension of our classrooms and offers a unique learning experience.

Our children are encouraged to ask questions, think critically and creatively and develop self-learning capabilities.

Each classroom is equipped with optimal sound amplification so that all children can hear their teachers clearly. Our pre-school serves as an international model for inclusion.

Our focus on gross motor development includes climbing and clambering on jungle gyms, kicking balls, running, rolling, jumping, riding bikes and much more.

Eduplex pre-school offers world class facilities where a solid foundation is being built to facilitate future primary school learning.

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Gr. 0000 – 12

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      Breakfast, fruit, juice and lunch.
      Participation in our sensory-integrated programme which also includes music, movement and horse riding.

      Please take note of the horse riding days for the different grades:
      Mondays: Gr 00 Afrikaans / English
      Tuesdays: Gr 0000/000 Afrikaans and Gr R English
      Thursdays: Gr 0000/000 English and Gr R Afrikaans

      For any queries, please email annetjie.meiring@eduplex.co.za