Why your child should join our Music Academy:

  • At this unique music centre, young musicians receive professional training.
  • We aim to make a valuable contribution to music education in Pretoria.
  • We want to instil a love for music while maintaining a high standard in all activities offered at the centre.
  • We have annual music assessments and prepare learners for practical and theory exams.
  • The Eduplex Music Academy nurtures a sense of community and offers a broad variety of tuition and musical activities.

“Music is the strongest form of magic.”
“Music produces a kind of pleasure
which human nature cannot do
without.” “Music is the language of
the spirit. It opens the secret of life
bringing peace, abolishing strife.”


  • Two spacious music houses

    Used for tuition, soirees, internal examinations, recordings, meetings and small functions.

  • Notice boards

    Keeping learners and teachers up to date with the latest music news.

  • Music library

    A growing collection of solo and chamber repertoire, as well as educational musical games.

  • Gardens and outdoor music theatre

    We provide a tranquil environment for music making. Our outdoor music theatre is situated between the primary and high school. It is surrounded by lush gardens, a perfect spot for picnic concerts and soirees. We host regular picnic concerts as well as outdoor student concerts.

The Music Academy provides:

  • Music books and instruments that can be purchased on behalf of the learners.

  • Music instruments that can be rented from our Music Academy at an affordable rate.


Learners at the EDUPLEX Music Academy have the opportunity to participate in various events, music concerts, master classes and our own EDUPLEX Music Eisteddfod.
We currently have a junior ensemble, Orchestra and High School Band which gives learners the wonderful opportunity of making music together.


A wide variety of music lessons at our Music Academy. We have regular student concerts and opportunities where students can perform.

We also offer tuition to students who are not scholars at Eduplex.

If your child is interested to join our Music Academy, please apply here or send your request to music@eduplex.co.za. One of our music teachers will contact you and arrange a lesson time and day that is mutually convenient.

Here follows a short description of the music programmes we offer at our Academy:


A wide range of music lessons are offered at Eduplex Music Academy. Please find more information on our music registration form which is available here.

PIZZA (Grade 1-3)

A one-year course in ukulele, bucket drumming, piano and recorder (eight lessons per instrument). The children attend in groups of five per class and rotate every eight weeks. The purpose of this programme is to expose children to a variety of instruments and develop their musicality.


Maximum of 15 Eduplex students will be accepted. Auditions will be held if necessary.

COLOURED NOTES (Grade 1-3): Piano or Recorder

A one-year programme where students receive music lessons according to the Kodaly method to enhance the learning experience. Emphasis is placed on auditory and visual skills. These skills are important for future learning. Children will attend in groups of three.


This orchestra is open to anyone who already takes music lessons at the Music Academy. Students must be able to read music notation. Rehearsals take place on Wednesday afternoons.


This Orchestra is open to anyone who already takes music lessons at the Music Academy. Students must be able to read music notation. Rehearsals take place on Wednesday mornings.
Music Academy Concert
Music in the Park
Prestige Music Evening